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About Z1on

All the tools developed by Hotmedia are based on Z1on platform. This technology uses all the bandwidth potentiality to interact different medias and formats and also distribute them to any device.

Z1on System provides you all the components to broadcast high quality live or on demand content, create your own program grade, available for any device connected to internet.

You can also post your contents to other video platforms like Youtube or Vimeo, through our integration system, easy and efficient, making it easy to distribute your content.

Personalization can create an strong identity to your trademark. We invest in customization so you can have your own Media Player. We can also control access to your content providing statistics and user feedback.

  • Live Broadcast or on dema;
  • Passive transition between live and on demand contents (no user action needed);
  • Player integration, Z1on standard or customer developed (embed or iFrame);