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Live HD broadcast

Hotmedia provides you a special service of live broadcasting. Top professional teams and the most advanced digital audio and video technology.

  • Live Broadcast
  • Best quality and great professionals
  • More than 700 broadcast events all over the year
  • High level servers to provide a non limited concurrent accesses
  • iPhone, iPod and Android campatible

Either open or closed event, user and pass authentication, we customize the solution for you.

With 10+ years of experience we have the know-how needed to develop the best solution for you, live broadcast or on demand. We monitor internet conditions permanently and we can adjust the bandwidth utilization for the best result for you. No gaps for you and your customers.

  • Fairs
  • Conferences
  • Speeches
  • Sport Events
  • Product Launching
  • Publicity Campaigns

You'll have access to complete reports of your event, including total page access, median time of access, where your content was accessed from and much more. Important information in order to make sure your succeeding in your actions.